Free Car Shipping Guide

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Car shipping and Automobile transportation tips & tricks

With today’s Internet and digital technology, looking for a car shipping company is not difficult to do. In fact, the Internet allows you to find practically anything you want to search for in the world. The challenge really is to look for the best car shipper that goes to your desired route near the time and date of schedule and within budget.

Here are some tips on how to determine which car shipping company best fits your shipping requirements.

- Spend considerable amount of time scouring the Internet. Search for the keywords “car shipping”, “auto transportation”, “auto shipping” or a combination of these terms. Search for companies within your area or near your city since it would be very helpful conducting business with a company that is within your reach. While the Internet is extremely helpful in connecting to a number of firms, do not issue any payments online without first visiting in person your car shipping company of choice.

- If you do not trust on-line marketing or e-commerce, that’s fine. Your best option is to ask help from friends or relatives who may have used a car shipping company in the past. Chances are, they are only too willing to tell you their stories and connect you to a reliable car transporter.

- Two more sources of helpful information are the Car Movers Directory and your local telephone book. There is no lack of car shipping companies these days. It’s just a matter of choosing the best one for you.

- Make sure to look for a company that is known to have had a number of deliveries in the past. You can consider a hundred deliveries as your minimum.

- The landmark of an experienced car transportation company is quality shipping but affordable or economical at the same time. In all kinds of businesses, always aim for a workable balance of quality service and affordability.

- Do not choose the lowest shipping rate right away. Make sure that you are getting your money’s worth by checking whether your shipper is capable of providing quality service.

- Quality car shipping service involves the condition of your car upon arrival and the timeliness of delivery. Car shipping is unlike UPS or DHL. You cannot say for sure the time and day of delivery since there are so many factors to consider such as weather, road condition, number of deliveries and vehicle condition. Find the car shipper who can deliver closest to your target date or at least anytime before you actually need your car at the place of destination.

- To guarantee quality, check out review websites and the Better Business Bureau. You can also compare their company profile, services and charges with other car shipping companies. This is easy to do in the Internet. Comparing car shipping quotations is also a good practice.

- Use a car shipping company that promises insurance coverage from bumper to bumper, assuring you that any damage after the delivery will be taken care of. Ask your shipper about their insurance certificates.

- Lastly, don’t forget to verify the authority or legitimacy of a car shipping company with the Federal Department of Transportation. Check whether your shipper is legit and in possession of the necessary documentation to ship vehicles anywhere in the United States or around the world, if you are shipping abroad.