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Are you bothered by the thought of having to make the decision of whether or not you are going to have an Open or Enclosed shipment of your car? Well this no longer has to bother you!

Luxurious cars or cars that cost a fortune such as classic cars should be shipped as an enclosed package. Of course the reason is quite simple. You would not want your collector's item to be smudged with any scratches. For cars that you use on a regular basis such as a sedan then it will do you good to have it transported as an open shipment. Enclosed auto shipping costs a lot when compared to an open car shipment. Open car shiping could be up to 60 percent cheaper than the enclosed car shipping.

But there is an advantage when you choose an enclosed auto shipment and one of those is that you are 100% guaranteed that your car will be protected from all the unwanted elements such as dust, snow, air, intense heat from the sun and stuff like that. Both options have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. If you want to save more on transporting your vehicle you can opt to have a tractor trailer that takes a cheaper and easier route to bring your vehicle to its desired destination. The two most common routes that ask for a cheaper charge are those that go through California going to Florida. Size also matters when it comes to transporting vehicles. Of course, when you are transporting a bigger car then the price will also be a lot bigger in comparison to transporting a smaller car.

Shipment companies are also quite particular with shipping classic and luxurious vehicles. Since they require more care, their shipment fee is more or less comparable to the price tag of the vehicle when it was bought. One thing that you should never forget while making your reservations for the shipment is to find out whether the vehicle will be transported directly to your house or pick it up from the nearest terminal. Most shipping companies may not be able to bring your vehicle to your doorstep especially when their route will not reach that area or location. If you want to have your car delivered to your home directly without any hassles, you can get the help of a broker who can do the job of locating the auto shipping company who can do that kind of delivery for you.

Multi car carriers tend to have a longer time of delivery since they need to stop over various ports to unload their cargo. They may not have the capability to bring your vehicle to house too. If you want to save more, then paying the terminal shipping fee instead of door-to-door delivery fees is advised. This is the best option you can have unless the rates to have your vehicle sent at your home are almost the same.