Free Car Shipping Guide

Thank you for visiting our free car shipping guide. The website provides free information on everything related to shipping your car from one location to another.

Before you ship your car, check these...

When you're moving your vehicle to another location you need to know a few important facts that can make your car shipping process safer and cheaper.

1. Browse through the web for reputable car shipping companies

There are hundreeds of companies out there that can ship your car from one location to another. But not all have good records, so it is very important to find a shipper that has proved to be reliable. How do you know that a certain car shipper is reliable? You can check out some transportation websites where people rate and review auto transport companies.

2. Ask several shippers for quotes

Contact more than just one car shipping company to provide you exact pricing for your car shipping process. Each company will be glad to provide you with detailed information on pricing, location and the route of transport for free. Choose the company that provides you with the most infomation and stay away from those that are hiding some wanted information from you.

3. Check out your car before a shipper picks it up

You should check out your vehicle before it is transported to the new location. Identify marks, damages or scratches. This knowledge can help you later see if any damages were made during shipping process. It's also good to take a few pics of your car before it is shipped away. This will come handy when claiming for insurance coverage for possible damages made during the transport.

Good luck with your car shipping process!