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Sports Car Shipping

As a young boy, I have always loved watching sports cars go. It always amazed me how they can drive so fast with a body that is so tiny. The body design has always caught my imagination. I loved drawing cars but somehow I can’t draw a sports car. It looked so weird and different from the usual sedan. Its body design makes it look as though it is careening so fast even what it is just standing still with its engines off.

The questions that rang in my head were, “Why don’t I see sports cars on regular highways? Are they always just in a race? But how does one get from one race track to another without taking the regular highway?”

Well, now I know better. Sports cars are designed to race. They drive on the rear wheels with only two seats or two doors. Built intentionally for acceleration and aesthetics, its engine is not as large and powerful. When these especially designed vehicles need to go from one place or another, they are shipped. Sports car shipping is very important in the world of car racing. Sports cars must not spend a single mileage or ounce of fuel outside the race track. And so they take a ride on automobile carrier trucks when going places.

There are two methods of shipping a car – the open method and closed method. Regular cars are shipped regularly all over the United States and elsewhere through open multi-car shipping. Special cars, however, such as sports cars, are shipped through closed shipping. The most popular sports car brand names are Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus and Lamborghini, and cars of such names can only be shipped inside closed and locked down containers. Owners of sports cars cannot risk their vehicles from being damaged or dented on open shipping. Other popular sports car brands are Audi TT 225 Quattro Coupe, BMW M3 Coupe, and Porsche 911 993 Carr.

Needless to say, closed shipping is more expensive than open shipping, about 75% more expensive. This is because the cars on shipment are given special care, guaranteeing 100% protection and safety. Sports cars are very expensive. Some car shipping companies even place protective clothing while the cars are already locked in safely from the sun, heat, air, snow, road debris and other possible hazards along the way. Other car shipping companies have climate-controlled freights.

Sports cars must always be in racing condition. The task of car shipping companies is to keep them that way. Sports cars are like a special breed of speed machines that cannot run on regular speed on a regular highway. If you drive a sports car on a highway, it will be lightning quick, for sure, but will not go very far. A kind of sports car that can travel at long distance is called a Grand Tourer. The popular grand tourer models are the BMW 8 Series, Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, Porsche 928, Toyota 2000GT, and Volvo 780. Grand tourers are also moved through the services of closed car shipping.